Tippecanoe is a command-line tool for creating vector tilesets from large collections of GeoJSON or FlatGeoBuf features. It was originally developed and maintained by Mapbox and Felt now maintains a new fork of the codebase.

Vector tiles are a way of representing geographical data in a compact, scalable, and efficient format that can be easily rendered on the client side. Tippecanoe generates vector tiles by tiling a large set of GeoJSON or FlatGeoBuf features into smaller, pyramid-like sets of tiles at multiple zoom levels. This allows for fast and efficient rendering of large datasets on a map, as only the tiles that are needed for the current view are downloaded and rendered, rather than the entire dataset.

Tippecanoe has a number of options for customizing the output tileset, including options for simplifying geometries, adding metadata, and controlling the level of detail included in the tiles. It can also be used in combination with other tools, such as TileMill or Mapbox Studio, to create custom map styles and publish the resulting tilesets to the web.

See more at https://github.com/felt/tippecanoe


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